What’s your passion?

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

What a summer it has been! Nature gave us wild and wonderful weather and oh how my garden flourished, how my grandbabies discovered the fun of being sprayed with a hosepipe and how I enjoyed the amazing sunny days, some so hot records were broken. It was a summer that felt like time expanded. The days were long and mellow and enjoyed with family and friends from near and far. My garden felt like a Mediterranean haven, all that was missing was the swimming pool!

That said, we had no shortage of water! The sunny, hazy days were interspersed with periods of torrential, record-breaking downpours. It was a memorable summer of extremes weather-wise, but what stands out for me this summer is a guest who came to stay and reminded me how our passion can feed our kindness. Let me explain….

A few days into his stay, my guest Aron noticed the slightly ravaged part of the garden where my old deck had been removed. I told him I was going to get a new larger deck put up…one day…when I was able to. He jumped in with “I can build that for you!” And so he did.

Unbeknown to me, Aron has a passion for working with wood. I was in awe, watching the precision of his work; I was touched by his love of wood. He was in his element and completely at peace while building the deck.

Aron has now left, but he is ever-present in my garden. His love and passion for working with wood resulted in a random act of kindness. I now have a beautiful yoga deck in my garden – enhanced by the tropical gorgeousness this year’s weather gifted. It is a lovely large peaceful space under the trees on which to practice and teach yoga. It is a space where I know many students will enjoy their practice for years to come.

I am deeply grateful for the time, commitment, and attention Aron gave to making my garden beautiful. Watching him work and create reminded me of the joy that comes from having a passion and living our passion! I was also reminded that whatever our passion is, be it playing a musical instrument, singing, learning a new language, climbing a mountain, or creating with our hands, it is a power that can inspire great acts of generosity and give joy.

Passion is the sun and the rain that makes our garden grow! 
What’s your passion?

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