This New Year, Make mistakes – Change Your World 

”If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”
Paulo Coehlo

The New Year offers us an opportunity to reflect on what has been and make plans for the year ahead. I always feel the start of a new year truly is an opportunity to consider if how I live, how I work and how I play is working for me. Or if something needs to change, to be adjusted so that I have balance in my world.

Self-care, mental health, and well-being have continued to be a theme throughout the last few years, as we all look at ways of supporting our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

The Art of Self Care with Yoga & Massage, launched last year combines yoga practice with learning self-massage techniques as well as self-care tips from several disciplines to support well-being. More are planned for this year in the form of workshops, and day, and weekend retreats, in person and online.

Reflecting on my work last year, a particular highlight was having the opportunity to work with the NHS, providing yoga and well-being retreats for staff across the organisation supported by NHS Charities Trust. I met some wonderful people completely dedicated to caring for others in the work they do. I enjoyed working with them, listening to and teaching them how the many aspects of yoga can help their well-being. It was heart-warming.

Perhaps you are looking to focus on yourself this year by taking the time to prevent the stresses of everyday life from getting to you. Yoga and massage can play a very important role in helping to achieve this. If you are following the path of self-care this year, look out for my up-and-coming events to support you.

I was delighted to be travelling again when I ran a yoga retreat in Kefalonia in September. It was lovely to be able to offer international retreats once again. With more planned in 2023, the first up is a yoga retreat in southwest France this summer.

I am certainly looking forward to igniting many plans both professional and personal that were put on hold in recent years.

I am grateful for all my experiences, both positive and challenging from 2022. As I continue doing the work I love, I am resolving to engage in more self-care activities for myself, simplify life and travel! I look forward with optimism to the endless possibilities of the New Year ahead.

As we step into the new year, whatever your plans or resolutions are, in the words of Courtney Carver:

“May this be the year you ease in, instead of rush in, the year that you measure success by how you feel instead of how much you get done….”

Wishing you all love, good health and happiness in 2023.

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