Spring is in the Air

Spring is here

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.”
S. Brown

Last May I wrote a piece in my newsletter called Life in Lockdown. I, and I am sure many of you will not have thought for a moment that we would still be living under similar restrictions over a year later. Now, with the slow easing of a third lockdown, it does feel more hopeful that things are getting better. Not only is spring in the air but also optimism for what’s to come. It may be excited anticipation for some or cautious hesitation or anxiousness for others. Whatever you feel is okay. It has been a long time and we have to emerge from this time of great change and challenge at our own pace, from a place of peace, comfort and confidence.

Many of you have expressed how much you are enjoying the experience of yoga at home. This month I will continue to bring yoga classes to you online. Personally, I am really delighted to have been able to bring yoga to your homes and offices, and also welcome new yogis from other parts of this country and beyond!

That said, we know that human beings are social beings. We need connection and interaction with others and in person! So, this summer I am offering the opportunity to safely get together for some in-person yoga. There will be Yoga in the Park, Yoga in my Garden, and two Yoga Day Retreats in July and August.

These yoga events are all about the joy of the shared energy we experience when we practise yoga together. Not only will we connect with each other after the long year of separation and disconnect, but it will also allow us to connect with the essence of yoga and experience authentic Hatha yoga practising in beautiful surroundings. This is an excellent opportunity for us to get social once again whilst keeping safe and distanced.

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