Yoga Retreats

Another wonderful, restful and rejuvenating yoga retreat with Raziya, this time in beautiful Kefalonia.  Fabulous venue with lovely accommodation, a gorgeous pool, views over the sea, a beautiful island and yummy food.  What’s not to love? So good to get my body moving again, loved the yoga classes, thank you!


Dear Raziya. I just wanted to thank you so, so much for a wonderful week! It was a truly memorable holiday and I’ve had such joy, and a warmth in my chest, as I was viewing all the photos today and changing my profile pictures. I’m really happy to have met the other people in the group too. I’m already looking forward to our next retreat! Thank you again – and big hugs. xxx


I have had the most wonderful time, in the truest sense of the word. Thank you Raziya for introducing me to such as beautiful place and people in Turkey…the yoga, company, sights, food and overall magic of the experience has left me feeling calm and happy. It was very special; I will treasure the memories with deep gratitude for your hard work. I am relatively new to yoga and had never been on a yoga retreat before and I found Raziya’s yoga teaching was always mindful and rejuvenating. Doing such regular practise enabled me to see how different my body can feel and respond, not just from day to day but even from morning to evening. Raziya was also happy to incorporate asanas for specific ailments or adjust the practise if we were all feeling tired or needed energising. During one session I was headachy and tired so Raziya gave me individual asanas to try and by the end, my headache had gone! I was very impressed! I’m looking forward to developing my yoga and learning more meditative and pranayama techniques. That’s one of the things I really like about the way Raziya runs the retreat… yoga is at the heart of the retreat and she is happy to spend individual time with you to help in specific areas. But you also have time to yourself if you need it. I made so many wonderful memories and made some lovely friends…I was so well looked after by Raziya and everything was run so smoothly that I could completely relax and be myself, which was very much what I needed. I am so excited about going back with Raziya next May.


Raziya’s yoga holidays are fabulous! I have been to Faralya in Turkey twice with her and had a wonderful time. The location, food and hospitality of the family at Faralya are very special. Raziya’s yoga retreats manage to strike the right balance. If you want a calm, tranquil break full of yoga, massage, rest and relaxation Raziya will support you in doing that. If you prefer to get out and about a bit, optional activities such as boat trips (with amazing food!), visits to the beach, shopping and even horse riding can be arranged. I have a business and work is full-on. Raziya’s yoga retreats have really helped me to recharge my batteries, giving me some much-needed ‘me’ time. I’m looking forward to the next one!


Raziya’s yoga and meditation has helped me through two very difficult episodes in my life. I don’t know how I would have coped without it. The retreats are amazing for the views, relaxation and hospitality of the host family. Cannot praise her enough for all she has done for me. Raziya has become a true friend.


We had such a beautiful week away in Turkey, the venue was set in natural surroundings ideal for peaceful relaxation, the family at Faralaya were welcoming, accommodating and very hospitable, providing great food and interesting company. Yoga twice a day was very relaxing, and my body and mind really appreciated it, Raziya is a fantastic yoga teacher and her deep and diverse understanding of yoga and the body showed through in her classes. This was my first yoga retreat and I was pleased to experience a well-balanced holiday providing time between yoga for optional excursions and further forms of relaxation. Raziya is a very relaxed, warm and loving yoga teacher so this attracted a similar group of people thus enhancing the overall bliss of this week. I can confidently say that this week was one of, if not the best week, of my life so far.

Sam and Christine

Raziya’s Yoga Retreats are Five Star quality experiences that reinvigorate your wellbeing, stabilise your dietary system and refresh your body and mind. Raziya has the delivery skills and experience to accommodate a wide range of Yoga abilities within a single group. I had previously attended some of her Men’s Yoga sessions in Swindon before completing my first Faralaya Retreat in May 2015. The Hotel and surrounding area is stunning being situated close to the famous Lycian Way. I was so impressed that I returned to Faralya in May 2016 with my partner and shared a beautiful experience with an amazing group of people. A great and truly refreshing experience!


Querida Raziya Estos últimos días pasados en el Retiro de Yoga en Faralya me han ayudado a alcanzar paz interior, armonía mental y física. Quiero agradecerte tu atención, amabilidad y cariño. Es increíble cómo el idioma no ha sido una barrera en tus clases de yoga. No necesitaba entender lo que decías con palabras porque verte realizar las asanas ya era suficiente para entender. Con tu ayuda y a través de las asanas, la respiración y la relajación conseguía calmar y centrar mi mente. La cohesión del grupo fue fácil dado que todas las personas eran agradables, respetuosas y divertidas. Y la familia que nos atendía fue muy atenta y eficiente con todos nosotros. Pronto te veré de nuevo en Swindon y espero que nos vengas a visitar tú a Galicia. Un fuerte abrazo lleno de energía positiva. Namaste.


I really enjoyed your yoga retreat as it ticked all of the boxes. I loved yoga twice a day and your teaching was informative, knowledgeable and I managed flexibility and calm that I have not experienced before! Not once was I reluctant to attend a class, in fact, I was sorry when it ended. I needed to bring myself back to myself again as I have gone through lots of changes in my busy life. As I said ‘I have unfolded in a beautiful way. The setting was beautiful, rustic and comfortable with beautiful views and the pool was welcome. In fact, we had the right amount of activity and me time. The chanting mantras were lovely and thank you for sharing them with me. The group was amazing, and every single person was a beautiful spirit. We had fun and laughter and it was lovely to eat together, such healthy vegetarian food. The guided walks were enjoyable, and the Turkish family really went out of their way to make sure that we were happy. I loved my rose facial! I honestly felt that I had been away for much longer. I am now a fan of your retreats and will certainly aim to repeat the experience! Hasina was a wonderful presence with her organising skills, love and photography. I came home feeling strong, relaxed and calm and will keep this energy with me for a long time. Thank you for a wonderful experience and one, which I will cherish for a long time. I know that I have made some wonderful lifelong friends.


Raziya’s yoga holiday delivered a perfect blend of sensitive, professional and accessible yoga instruction for all levels and abilities, and the coastal mountain setting and friendly family-run hotel staff all conspired to make our seven days a memorable and profound experience. Someone said, “the week’s yoga was a continuous melody, not a rock concert.


Choosing and booking a yoga retreat from the internet can be quite a daunting task but the moment I received the email responding to my initial enquiry about Raziya’s week I knew I had made the right choice. From that moment onwards our correspondence and subsequent telephone calls reassured me I would have a lovely week. I have not done a lot of yoga before and her method of teaching is thorough with great attention to detail in getting each position correct before moving on to the next one. Stretching and meditation also play a large part in the twice-daily classes. Faralya is the perfect venue too, although I have visited before. The family looked after us all so well, with fabulous home-cooked vegetarian meals. I am actually more of a foodie than a yogi so each meal was heaven as far as I was concerned. I don’t think I have ever eaten so much feta cheese drizzled in local honey or homemade tahini in my life – and no one even had to twist my arm!


Thank you for a wonderful yoga retreat. I am so very pleased that I was able to come along. You were amazing! It was a brilliant experience and you were terrific, but it is hard to put it all down in words. My stay at the Faralya Yoga Retreat was wonderful. It was my first retreat and I wasn’t too sure what to expect but it far exceeded any expectations that I could possibly have had. The location was beautiful with stunning views over the sea. A perfectly, peaceful, tranquil place for a yoga retreat. The family that owned the centre were lovely, genuine people and a delight. By the time we came to leave we felt like we were leaving part of our family behind. One of the many highlights of the day was the fabulous food, which had been mainly homegrown or locally produced, then lovingly prepared for us by the family. Our yoga sessions were something that we all looked forward to greatly. Raziya creates a happy, harmonious environment where we were able to be exactly who we are. The classes were relaxed and filled with love and joy. She gently encouraged us and there was a perfect balance of asanas and meditation. I especially enjoyed the Mantra Chanting, which I hadn’t done before. Raziya is an approachable teacher with a warmth and sense of humour that relaxes everyone around her. A brilliant experience and one that I would highly recommend – you won’t be disappointed! Missing you and all our group, it was very special.


My first yoga retreat in Turkey was a life-changing experience and a new beginning for me. I now view life in colour, not in black and white. I challenge anyone with a mind and body to try yoga and not reap the benefits of regular practice.


I have twice been on a yoga retreat at Hotel Faralya in SW Turkey with Raziya. The views are spectacular with a quality of light to rival anywhere. The Hotel and the family who run it are wonderful. We were cocooned in care and affection where nothing is too much trouble. The home-cooked vegetarian food is varied and always delicious. Nihan’s mud masque and facial must not be missed. After a week of yoga twice a day with Raziya, I feel stretched, supple and calm. The perfect balance of exercise, meditation and relaxation. I return rejuvenated and ready for anything.


Yoga Classes

I watched the yoga class recording you sent me yesterday and then did the class.  I must say it was the best night’s sleep I have had in ages….went to sleep around 9.30 pm and woke at 6.15 am which for me is almost unheard of!! So a huge thank you! I definitely feel that yoga is helping me without a doubt.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful introduction to yoga yesterday. I was very nervous prior to coming, however, you put me at such ease. You opened yourself up to us, personally and professionally and it allowed us to gain so much from the experience, I absolutely understood and felt the “ work in” you spoke of and from just those short hours I feel I have added strategies and techniques to my ‘kitology’ which allow me to live and feel life differently. I am so excited to do more classes with you in the future. Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat for NHS staff.


I did not know what to expect and the teacher Raziya was lovely, friendly, and welcoming. This made it a very enjoyable experience and the yoga was accessible for all ages and abilities. It was really relaxing, I learnt a lot and felt so calm afterwards. This has made me want to do more yoga!   I highly recommend Raziya as she is very knowledgeable about what she does. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat for NHS staff.


Thank you for the excellent classes you have been delivering to our staff. The turnout is brilliant and everyone is saying how much they are enjoying them. We have had more participation than ever before and I think the staff are really benefiting from the focus on relaxation. I also took part myself a couple of weeks ago and almost fell asleep!! Many thanks again for looking after my staff!


I just wanted to say thank you so much. Your yoga class yesterday was amazing and I found myself feeling really good afterwards. You are an amazing lady and very inspiring and excellent at what you do. You made me feel so relaxed and welcome and I plan on continuing on a regular basis in the future, I need to start investing in me! Thank you once again.


Thank you for all your time, effort and thoughtfulness to keep us on our mats! It’s been a real sanctuary at times when there has literally been nowhere else to go.


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your yoga, it was AMAZING!! I loved it so much. It was so brilliant, I felt incredible afterwards!!


Fabulous! Thank you for all your supportive and encouraging words, and for being there when we need you for yoga nourishment and smiley chats. Grateful for more much-needed opportunities to practice yoga on Sundays, so thank you for introducing them.


Thank you Raziya, your newsletter is full of hope and positivity to help us negotiate our way through the coming months.


I really got a lot from your class, finally getting my breathing right, I loved the depth you engendered and actually found zoom suited me.


An amazing yoga teacher, every session is different and all are beautifully guided.


Raziya, a heartfelt thank you for leading such a lovely class yesterday morning. I haven’t felt so stretched and pain-free for quite some time; it was lovely! You made my day!


I just want to give you a big thank you for the online classes. I get so much out of them. They are truly wonderful. A great success.


Thanks for another lovely class!! The good thing about lockdown is that I am finally managing the daily yoga practice that I had intended for about the last five years!!


As well as being an experienced yoga teacher, Raziya brings knowledge through her massage training of how the muscles work in the yoga poses. I feel extremely safe in her classes because we are taught to work with the body and not to cause strain.


Raziya is a very professional yoga teacher but also a lovely person. Always creates a nice atmosphere with a lot of calm and de-stressing aura. I’ve had the pleasure of being her student and can recommend Raziya to anyone wishing to develop in yoga practice and/or just revive.


Raziya was brilliant yesterday when she came to Dolby to provide a class for us, she was very welcoming and made us all feel at ease and relaxed, lovely lady and definitely recommended her for her classes and professional knowledge, Thank you very much Raziya your a star!


Raziya’s passion for yoga is evident to all who attend her classes. She quickly identifies the individual’s needs and thoughtfully tailors her tuition to suit their level of ability. Her style is supportive and professional throughout and she is patient with those who need longer to learn. The classes are enjoyable and have a camaraderie which creates an air of relaxed calm, so much so that people look forward to returning the following week.


Raziya’s yoga classes are wonderful. As soon as I entered the class, I felt calm. Raziya’s thorough way of explaining beforehand and during the session, as a newbie, helped me feel completely comfortable. The whole experience was lovely, warm, intimate and relaxing. I loved how Raziya considered my abilities and explained how I could adjust the yoga moves to suit my body. My body felt relaxed and I felt focused and calm throughout my busy workday. I highly recommend everybody to allow time to enjoy Raziya’s yoga. It should be prescribed!


I can’t recommend Raziya enough, her classes suit everyone from a beginner to the more advanced yoga goer, she’s a patient and encouraging 5* teacher.


Raziya’s yoga classes are brilliant, relaxing and enjoyable, perfect. The best!


Even though I have only attended a few of your classes as yet, it has been enough for me to realize what an excellent teacher you are. There are many yoga classes available at all levels, and now so many different ‘types’ of classes that few of them remain what I would really call yoga. To me, a good yoga class embodies ‘mind, body and spirit’ and is, in itself a ‘meditation’. Your classes embrace all that I could hope for and go way beyond anything that I have found for many years. I feel blessed to have found you and will continue to attend your classes and workshops.


I came to yoga after struggling for a year with a painful back and a yearning to do something positive. Raziya’s class works all the core parts of the body with lots of poses and stretches that work the spine. Initially, I was unable to do all the moves but, with Raziya’s help and some cushions we have found the positions that work best for me and, as a result, my spine has become stronger and more flexible. My whole body feels relaxed at the end of our class and I find I can, as Raziya says “take that feeling into the rest of my week.


I started Yoga with Raziya in July 2013. I had a horse for 9 years and had not had time or energy to do any exercise classes – I had previously done aerobics and Ashtanga Yoga. Losing my horse was distressing and I was completely lost without him. When I started Raziya’s yoga class I wondered if it was going to be enough for me physically as I am always pushing myself. Raziya has always said that yoga is not a competition and that it is a work-in and not a workout!! I have learnt to relax physically and mentally. Raziya is a very calming influence and a lovely person. Her classes are ideal for people who have never done yoga before. I have also attended her Cyclic Meditation workshops and classes. CM is more of a physical meditation for me but doing the class with your eyes closed brings you more into yourself. I have had an ongoing back problem and both my chiropractor and masseur have noticed that I am better aligned since doing my regular yoga classes with Raziya. I now have little or no back pain.


Thank you for allowing me to attend your class without any prior warning, I had a great time and you’re a great teacher. I thought your session was great and was 100% better than the last time I tried yoga – you have converted me!


I love Raziya’s calm approach to the classes. In the two years I have been attending my blood pressure previously on the high side has reduced. Perhaps more remarkable is that the osteoarthritis in my thumb joint has disappeared much to the surprise of my physiotherapist. Thank you Raziya.


Raziya, I enjoy your yoga sessions so much and I feel so energized and relaxed afterwards. I am also learning your techniques to help myself at home. Thank you.


My mum and I tried yoga for the first time today in one of Raziya’s classes and couldn’t have been more pleased. She was so friendly and made us feel really comfortable. Your class has made us want to do yoga again and we will… thank you! :)” “I really enjoyed your class on Sunday, I felt so relaxed afterwards…the universe gives you what you need!


I’ve come from loving the fast pace of Zumba to Raziya’s yoga class and I have to say it’s quite simply AWESOME!!! I feel so great afterwards and can’t believe that in the few short weeks I’ve been going, I can see I’m already getting more flexible and slowly having more balance! I would not only recommend yoga but would highly recommend Raziya. She made me feel relaxed and welcome! Thanks.


Raziya’s yoga classes are excellent. They are very relaxing, but they do produce noticeable results. After just 8 weeks my posture has improved significantly. I can thoroughly recommend them.


I am completely new to yoga and have only been going for 8 weeks, I FEEL AMAZING!!! I suffer from arthritis and have reduced my medication and can feel the difference in my joints, and despite the cold weather, I’m getting very little pain, whereas this time last year could barely walk. Raziya teaches at a pace where you can do as much or as little as you want, and it is tailored to everyone in the session which is brilliant.


Raziya, I can’t wait for Friday morning to come around again for the next yoga session. The huge benefit I felt and continue to feel after my first ever session is fantastic. I wish I had taken your advice and taken it up sooner!



A warm welcome, comfortable environment and professional service are waiting for you at Raziya’s. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I started seeing Raziya for massage to relieve everyday tensions that were presenting themselves as stiff neck and knotted shoulder blades. Through consultation in a relaxed setting Raziya was able to target the problem areas. I now enjoy regular maintenance massage which can be tailored to suit. For aches and pains or just some ‘me time’ …… a visit to Raziya is always beneficial.


Raziya, greatly improved. No coughing and better breathing. Big thank you!


I feel bloody marvellous – the best massage I have ever had! Raziya just hit the right spot where other treatments have not worked. My shoulder feels fantastic!


“Raziya, marvellous sleep. Best in months, thank you!


Well, I can’t believe I have been missing out on this all my life – I am now a complete convert. This is the one thing I have found which relaxes the mind, lets the ‘good feelings’.


I have been having a regular massage with Raziya since October 2011. At first, it was a treat and a trial, but now I can feel the benefits physically and mentally. I am hooked. I have repetitive strain in my right shoulder and am feeling the benefits. I would highly recommend treatments with Raziya, she has helped me on so many levels. Everyone should take some time out for themselves and get in touch with their spiritual side, no matter how sceptical you are, it works!


I had my first massage session with Raziya recently as a gift from my husband and I have to say I was very impressed! I have experienced continuous back complaints since an accident I suffered in 2003. I noticed a positive change immediately after seeing Raziya and was further impressed by her knowledge not to mention the passion she has for her work. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone, I have myself already booked to see her again and will continue to do so!


This woman is extraordinary! I have to say that I tend to be somewhat sceptical when it comes to healing but my recent experience with Raziya has left me slightly puzzled and fully amazed! I have a low back condition that I have had so many times now that I can tell with almost certainty that when it’s as bad, then I am likely stuck with it for at least 2- 3 weeks. Last night my low back pain was so bad I could barely stand, and sitting wasn’t much better, for the last two nights I’ve been unable to turn in bed without pain waking me up, and getting up in the morning or to go to the loo has been agony. When I got to Raziya’s house, she asked me to lie on her treatment couch (which was a real struggle) and proceeded to do what she called ‘pulsing’, a very pleasant rocking of various parts of my body. I did notice that her hands were extraordinarily hot though, at several points, I could feel the heat through the towels! The next thing she did was get me in a comfortable position and just lay her hands over the painful area, (which was like having a hot water bottle there!) and did nothing but breath in a very relaxing way! I spent the rest of the evening in my usual agony and creaked to bed. At 5.30 am I woke to the strange sensation of… no pain! I laid there for a while gingerly testing various movements, but nothing hurt! Just a vague ache where the pain had been! I decided to get up, and just got straight up with no pain! To say I’m gobsmacked is an understatement. I fully expected this pain to last at least the next two weeks, and never has it gone from so bad to so good in such a short time! I don’t know what she did, but this is definitely beyond coincidence. I can only say I am amazed and grateful.


Ever since my wonderful visit to you which was only Tuesday, I have experienced the “feel-good factor”! I so enjoyed the massage and it has stimulated me mentally too. It matters to me greatly the atmosphere I’m in and the whole experience was wonderful. Many thanks again. I certainly feel more relaxed and the neck tension has definitely eased.


In February this year I had a problem with my lower back and contacted Raziya. I had read a piece in the local paper about her work and rather than wait weeks to see my NHS Physiotherapist I had an appointment within two days. Raziya’s treatment, help and advice after two visits helped sort out my back. Eight months on I have a problem with my right hip, which is not related to my previous back problem and booked in with Raziya. After one visit I feel a lot better and I will be making another appointment. I have recommended Raziya to friends and colleagues as she has helped with my condition which was causing me a lot of pain.


I was first introduced to Raziya in November 2008 by somebody who thought I’d benefit from ‘alternative therapy’ – a few massage sessions as a treat to myself to lift the spirits, relax and de-stress. I was a complete sceptic, not my ‘thing’ at all: I’d be lying to say I was looking forward to the first session, but I had enough curiosity to give it a go with an open mind. Well, I can’t believe I have been missing out on this all my life – I am now a complete convert. This is the one thing I have found which relaxes the mind, and lets the ‘good feelings’ take over. I leave with a sense of ‘nothing can phase me’; I have had comments on how chilled out I appear in the days that follow – guess that says it all! I would highly recommend Raziya for her massage therapy – she works wonders and has certainly reached her remit on me. An experience everyone should give a go at least once in their lives!


After only a short session – only minutes – I was feeling relaxed and completely blissful. Thank you Raziya! Many mahalo’s.

Maureen - Hawaii Healing Garden

I was so surprised that such a gentle touch could create such deep results. Getting small things, like the ears massaged was especially relaxing. Thank you

Amy - Hawaii Healing Garden

Massage Courses

Raziya has been a real inspiration to me. Within a couple of hours of her assistance, my massage work has transformed. Raziya helped by watching me work on a client, she made suggestions to help with my posture and to feel more flow when giving a massage. Watching her ocean-like style really reminded me of how important it is to relax & flow when doing massage. How you feel when you are doing a treatment is passed through your hands, it is essential that you are comfortable and happy. Raziya said to “feel the dance in your massage”. Drawing from this, it reminded me of sensations of doing Qi Gong, 5 rhythm dance and yoga. I can now bring these wonderful aspects in my life into the art of my massage techniques. Since our session, my clients have noticed my massage has improved. A friend, Rosie, who is a massage therapist I exchange treatments with, now wants to train with Raziya since feeling this transformation in my massage. I hope to train with Raziya’s Massage and Bodywork training school in Lomi Lomi massage this year. I have also noticed after seeing Raziya I always feel more determined and energised, she is a life coach and I guess that’s why. Thank you Raziya With love.

Gayle - Massage CPD Course

Thank you for a fabulous massage course in November. I’ve spent my Christmas budget saving for a massage table, so my family will have to have my massage practice for pressies!

Sally - Therapeutic Massage Course

Raziya, thank you so much for the course on Saturday. Steve and I enjoyed it immensely. Steve would never have contemplated doing any kind of hands-on course, so I took a chance on buying the gift voucher. He absolutely loved it. I felt the day was arranged perfectly. Firstly, the introduction, giving us a little information on the history and benefits of massage followed by a very clear step-by-step demonstration of a small section of the massage routine. Then being able to experience and perform those movements on each other before moving on. The handbooks are extremely informative without being blinded by science. The instruction for each movement is very clear for us to refer to when need be. We both felt very comfortable and relaxed from the moment we arrived. I do hope many more couples will benefit from your expertise and ease of teaching. Thank you.

Sally and Steve - Massage for Couples Course

With some trepidation, Liz & I arrived at Raziya’s ‘Massage for Couples’ workshop, unsure of what to expect. Raziya quickly put us all at our ease, and after telling us quite a lot about the benefits of massage and its background, she asked for a volunteer, and one of us readily agreed! It was a fascinating experience, looking on while she demonstrated the various techniques, and then as couples, we got to practice on each other while she went from one couple to the other, correcting and encouraging. When you’ve been the ‘model’ it’s easy to comment on what your partner is doing, so he or she can get it right – the difference is considerable. Throughout the day she ‘used’ each of us to demonstrate the massage techniques on various parts of the body – for the nervous, modesty was preserved throughout, and none of us felt any embarrassment. All in all, the day was a wonderfully relaxing experience in itself – we discovered that it’s almost as nice to give a massage as it is to receive it. In the two weeks or so since then, we’ve only had a couple of opportunities to put any of it into practice – in the words of John Lennon “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans” but a forthcoming holiday should put that right! Life continues to keep getting in the way, but we have been managing lots of massages, to great effect!”

Chris & Liz - Massage for Couples Course

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