Prepare for Autumn

Autumn has arrived and with this change in the seasons come shorter days and cooler weather. Traditional Eastern Medicine teaches that autumn is a time to draw our energy inward to prepare for winter. Autumn is about slowing down. It is also a wonderful time to set new intentions for self-care, begin a new health routine or evaluate what you have been doing. Taking the time for some self-care now will prepare you and help to support you during the busier winter months ahead.

Cultivating balance is key to supporting us during this time of transition. Have you ever noticed how many people get sick in the autumn and winter seasons? This is often because we are depleted, in need of rest and not living in alignment with the season.

There are many traditional cultures around the world that celebrate the changing seasons as a way of acknowledging the shifts taking place on earth and accepting those shifts within us.  They understand that we are a part of the cycle of nature. Spring and summer is a time to put our energy outward and autumn and winter is a time to draw our energy inward. Making lifestyle adjustments to our everyday rituals will support our wellbeing on many levels.

Finding motivation to take care of ourselves once the summer energy is behind us can be a challenge. As the days get shorter and light fades we can feel a sense of loss. Spending time outdoors breathing in the brisk fresh air and enjoying the beauty of the changing colours of the leaves can be uplifting.

The more you can prepare now, the easier it will be to keep to a self-care routine during the long, cold and darker months ahead.


Tips to help support you through the season


Get Plenty of Sleep.

Sleep is essential for our health and happiness. Studies show that over time, lack of quality sleep impairs the immune system that makes us more susceptible to colds and viruses during those cooler months.

Eat Seasonal Foods

Autumn is a perfect time to enjoy warmer meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients and love! Spend a few hours each weekend creating healthy, nutritious meals for the week ahead. This is a wonderful way to add to your self-care routine.

Check Vitamin D Levels

We get the majority of our vitamin D from the sun. With less sunshine and spending more time indoors our intake of Vitamin D naturally decreases during the cooler months. Vitamin D keeps our bones strong, supports the immune system and enhances mood. 

Stay Connected

Take the time to connect to the deepest parts of ourselves. Autumn invites us to slow down and look into our hearts to see where we want to go from here. Practice yoga or sit quietly in meditation. Spend time in nature; sip your favourite cup of tea. There are many ways that we can connect to ourselves and think about what gives our life meaning. 

Practise Pranayama 

Pranayama can be a powerful tool for focusing the mind and aligning the body with spirit. Yet for some sitting still and focusing on the breath can be the most challenging part of any yoga practice.

As we shift into a slower season, use your breath to aid your ability to slow down and centre yourself. Taking a few minutes each day for meditation with attention to the breath will shift our focus internally and helps us stay aligned with the earth as it flows into a new season.

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