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The Dance of Massage: Effective Bodymechanics for the Therapist

As a therapist do you often get back and neck pain after just giving a few treatments?
Are you looking for ways to protect your own well being whilst supporting that of your clients?
Would you like to feel energised at the end of your working day?

A seminar for massage therapists wishing to address how they work to avoid injury and back pain. Using principles of Yoga, Tai Chi and Alexander Technique this seminar will address how to use posture, stance, breath and relaxation in your work. The Dance of Massage will show you how to use your body dynamically and rythmically to protect yourself from injury and pain.

Course dates: Sunday 25 May 2014
Duration: 10am – 2pm
Location: Swindon UK
Cost: £80

Transform your massage treatments and enhance your practice!

“Raziya has been a real inspiration to me. Within a couple of hours of her assistance my massage work has transformed. Raziya helped by watching me to work on a client, she made suggestions to help with my posture and to feel more flow when giving massage.
Watching her ocean like style really reminded me of how important it is to relax & flow when doing massage”.

Gayle Fletcher
Massage Therapist
January 2009