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In February this year I had a problem with my lower back and contacted Raziya. I had read a piece in the local paper about her work and rather than wait weeks to see my NHS Physiotherapist I had an appointment within two days. Raziya’s treatment, help and advice after two visits helped sort out my back. Eight months on I have a problem with my right hip, which is not related to my previous back problem and booked in with Raziya. After one visit I feel a lot better and I will be making another appointment. I have recommended Raziya to friends and colleagues as she has helped with my condition which was causing me a lot of pain.



Numerous research studies undertaken over the years show the many benefits of having a regular massage. Whether your need is to have a few moments of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or get relief from chronic pain, I offer a range of massage treatments that can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.

You can choose from a variety of massage styles and packages to suit your needs. If you aren’t sure what would be most helpful – that’s okay. At your first appointment, I take a full complementary consultation to help access your needs and find the right treatment for you.

Gift Vouchers Available for all massage treatments

Missed appointments or appointments that are rescheduled with less than 24hrs notice are chargeable at the full rate. If you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment please telephone 07929 564 265.


Tired Legs & Feet Treat

A Tired Legs and Feet Treat massage is the ultimate pick-me-up when you have spent many hours standing, walking or running. A gorgeous treat that will improve circulation to the legs and feet, reduce swelling and help the flow of lymph. The feet are massaged with a cooling, rich cream to moisturise and soften the skin. A perfect treat for the feet (and the legs)!

  • 45 mins £45
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Luxury Head, Knees & Toes Massage

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes is a luxurious 90-minute treatment that combines a relaxing Body Massage, with Indian Head Massage techniques and a soothing Foot Massage. A treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed, revived and completely rejuvenated. This is the ultimate treat for you or makes a wonderful gift for a loved one.

  • 90 mins £75
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Natual Lift Face Massage

Natural Lift Facial Massage is a unique massage treatment that incorporates a blend of highly effective techniques from Indian Face Massage, Japanese Face Massage, and acupressure for the face. Also known as facial rejuvenation massage or natural facelift massage it is a deeply relaxing, holistic treatment that focuses on the face, head, neck, and shoulders.
The gentle, traditional techniques are applied using flat palms, pads of fingers and thumbs to deep and superficial muscles. This helps increase blood and lymph circulation and releases muscular tension stored in the face, scalp, head, and neck. The result is that facial muscles relax, puffiness is reduced, and signs of fatigue are erased. The treatment softens lines and facial expressions, encourages vitality in the skin, restores brightness to the eyes. and gives a more glowing and youthful look.

The sequence of massage techniques used in this treatment act as a natural facelift. The overall effect of Natural Lift Facial massage has been described as a workout for the face. Just like exercising the body on a regular basis to keep the muscles of the body toned; regular Natural Lift massage will keep the facial muscles toned.

A Natural Lift Facial Massage is non-invasive, safe and does not use any harsh chemicals to improve the appearance of the skin – a facelift without surgery!

  • 60 mins £50
  • 6 sessions £280
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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is a deep-acting therapy, which uses all the strokes and techniques from Swedish massage whilst combining these with the sensitivity and holistic perspective of Intuitive massage. Each massage treatment is quite unique in that it is appropriate to the particular needs of the client on any particular occasion. Therapeutic Massage works on deep tissue using skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Strokes may be gentle to relieve stress and soothe aches and pains to deeper and more dynamic strokes, which stimulate circulation and the nervous system, assist lymph drainage, break down muscular tension and improve joint flexibility. A massage treatment can be calming, deeply relaxing and also energising.

  • 30 mins £40
  • 60 mins £50
  • 90 mins £75
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