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Massage for Couples

Do you and your partner want to develop a more meaningful and closer relationship?

Are you looking for interesting ideas to keep your relationship healthy and alive?

Would you like to learn massage in a safe and professional environment?

Remember how much more you touched each other when you first met, holding hands and just cuddling? As adults we often have little non-sexual touch and with our stressful and busy lifestyles we soon forget the importance of touch – the art of touch and the comfort and healing it promotes is lost. This can lead to feelings of isolation and research shows that touch is vital to enhance well being and a feeling of being loved and cherished.

Massage is great for reducing stress and tension, removing inhibitions and promoting emotional bonding. Learning to massage a loved one will help ignite deeper levels of communication, expression and connection between both of you.

On this course you will learn the simple techniques and routines to be able to give your partner a relaxing, therapeutic and effective massage. All workshop materials and manuals are provided to support your learning.

Complementary coffee break refreshments are included for the day.
Places are limited so enrol early to avoid disappointment.

Course dates: Saturday 15 February 2014
Duration: 10am to 4.00pm.
Location: Swindon, UK
Cost: £180.00 per couple.

Would you like to learn Massage for Couples at home?

This workshop is also offered to couples who would prefer to learn together and not in a workshop. It can be delivered in the comfort of your own home.
Please contact me for further details. Additonal costs will apply depending on your location.

Gift Vouchers available for a very special present.

“Raziya, thank you so much for the course on Saturday. Steve and I enjoyed it immensely. Steve would never have contemplated doing any kind of hands on course so I took a chance on buying the gift voucher. He absolutely loved it!

I felt the day was arranged perfectly. Firstly, the introduction, giving us a little information on the history and benefits of massage followed by a very clear step by step demonstration on a small section of the massage routine. Then being able to experience and perform those movements on each other before moving on.

The handbooks are extremely informative without being blinded with science. The instruction for each movement is very clear for us to refer to when need be.

We both felt very comfortable and relaxed from the moment we arrived. I do hope many more couples will benefit from your expertise and ease of teaching.

Thank you.”

Sally and Steve
January 2010

“With some trepidation, Liz & I arrived at Raziya’s ‘Massage for Couples’ workshop, unsure of what to expect. Raziya quickly put us all at our ease, and after telling us quite a lot about the benefits of massage and its background, she asked for a volunteer, and one of us readily agreed!

It was a fascinating experience, looking on while she demonstrated the various techniques, and then as couples we got to practice on each other while she went from one couple to the other, correcting and encouraging. When you’ve been the ‘model’ it’s easy to comment on what your partner is doing, so he or she can get it right – the difference is considerable.

Throughout the day she ‘used’ each of us to demonstrate the massage techniques on various parts of the body – for the nervous, modesty was preserved throughout, and none of us felt any embarrassment.

All in all, the day was a wonderfully relaxing experience in itself – we discovered that it’s almost as nice to give a massage as it is to receive it.

In the two weeks or so since then, we’ve only had a couple of opportunities to put any of it into practice – in the words of John Lennon “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans” but a forthcoming holiday should put that right!

Life continues to keep getting in the way, but we have been managing lots of massages, to great effect!

Chris & Liz Barry
March 2010