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Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage

LomiLomi is a healing art that is indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands and has existed for many centuries. Originally, it was passed down through generations within chosen bloodlines, and LomiLomi was ministered to royalty. In the last few decades, with renewed interest in Hawaiiana, there has been a cultural revival and LomiLomi massage is now being shared with the rest of the world.

An understanding of the spiritual foundations of the Early Hawaiians is essential to a comprehensive approach to the art of LomiLomi massage. Students are introduced to LomiLomi massage beginning with an overview of Hawaiian beliefs regarding healing and reverence for life, and through a routine that is the embodiment of power and grace communicated through effective body mechanics. The student is guided toward more effective use of the body’s physical power while maintaining flow and grace through rhythmic healing strokes.

On completion of this course students will have the skills to enable them to give a basic, full-body LomiLomi treatment.

Attendance: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Course Dates: TBC for 2015
Duration: 6 days (25 hours)
Cost: £550