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Muscular aches and pains? Back, neck or shoulder pain? Stiff and painful joints?

Often feel anxious and stressed? Insomnia and fatigue?

Many symptoms of muscular dysfunction are not only caused by injuries and strain, but can also be the result of the stress and anxiety that we regularly experience in our daily lives. Stress impacts on our physical bodies over time without us being aware that it is happening to us and how it is affecting us.
Massage is a powerful therapy that addresses many of these symptoms.

A good massage stimulates the circulatory systems of the body to relax muscles and release tension, improve joint flexibility, reduce pain and encourage the body to heal itself in a very natural way. The effects of massage are cumulative and so with regular massage and over time you will be pain free, feel less stressed, and feel vibrant, energetic and calm! What could be better!

I work with clients of all ages, including adults from all walks of life and professions, with teenagers and with young children. I have successfully worked with sportsmen and sportswomen specifically with those involved in marathons, football, squash, weight training and swimming as well as many dancers.

“The physician must be experienced in many things, but most assuredly in rubbing”


“Raziya, greatly improved. No coughing and better breathing. Big thank you!”

“I feel bloody marvellous – the best massage I have ever had! Raziya just hit the right spot where other treatments have not worked. My shoulder feels fantastic!”

“I had my first session with Raziya recently as a gift from my husband and I have to say I was very impressed! I have experienced continuous back complaints since an accident I suffered in 2003. I noticed a positive change immediately after seeing Raziya and was further impressed by her knowledge not to mention passion she has for her work.I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone, I have myself already booked to see her again and will continue to do so!”

“Raziya. Marvellous sleep. Best in months, thank you!’

“Raziya’s treatment, help and advice after two visits helped sort out my back. Eight months on I have a problem with my right hip which is not related to my previous back problem and booked in with Raziya. After one visit I feel a lot better and I will be making another appointment. I have recommended Raziya to friends and colleagues as she has helped with my condition which was causing me a lot of pain”.

“Well, I can’t believe I have been missing out on this all my life – I am now a complete convert. This is the one thing I have found which relaxes the mind, lets the ‘good feelings’ take over. I leave with a sense of ‘nothing can phase me’; I have had comments on how chilled out I appear in the days that follow – guess that says it all! I would highly recommend Raziya for her massage therapy – she works wonders, and has certainly reached her remit on me.”