Hello July

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health”

Well, it certainly has been a while since I was in touch and so much has been happening these past few months. The first half of this year has been eventful, with both exciting and joyful happenings and a health challenge to navigate.

At the end of January, we welcomed a beautiful new baby into our family when my daughter gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, named Safiya. I was very blessed to spend plenty of time with them all in those early weeks as they settled into their new roles as parents, and I got plenty of Safiya time! She is completely adorable – despite the many sleepless nights!

Soon after the joy and happiness of this event came a health scare, a period of unwellness, which thankfully was temporary. But it meant that I had to take a few months off work. I used this time to heal, deepen my practice of positivity and give myself plenty of self-care. It was a period that also gave me the time to reflect carefully and very consciously on what I do or could do more to take care of myself.

Working as I do in the world of health and wellness; I spend many of my working hours talking to and supporting others with their health and wellbeing needs. The last few months have given me the time to practice what I preach and walk the talk. It has reminded me of the importance of taking care of ourselves. This was also an opportunity and a timely reminder that leading a mostly clean and healthy lifestyle helps to support and strengthen the immune system and gives the best possible foundation from which one can recover and with time get back to full health more quickly.

Then suddenly it was July! After having to postpone their wedding three times over the last 2 years, we were all finally able to get together last weekend and celebrate the marriage of my daughter and my son-in-law with baby Safiya in attendance! It was a wonderful weekend of spending time with family and friends not only from all over the UK but also from the USA and France. This much-awaited celebration allowed us all to finally be together, with no restrictions and was perfect and very special in every way. As I write this, I am still feeling elation from the weekend of love, happiness and joy that surrounded us over the few days of celebrations last week.

During these last few months of balancing activity and stillness, I took the opportunity when it presented itself to develop my work and undertook some massage professional development. I am delighted to be now adding Natural Lift Facial Massage as a stand-alone treatment to my massage services menu. An all-encompassing treatment that can ease tension and reduce stress and is also perfect for self-care and pampering.

Wherever you are and however you spend your time this month, make the rest of your summer a healthy and happy one.

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