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Even though I have only attended a few of your classes as yet, it has been enough for me to realize what an excellent teacher you are. There are many yoga classes available at all levels, and now so many different ‘types’ of classes that few of them remain what I would really call yoga. To me, a good yoga class embodies ‘mind, body and spirit’ and is, in itself a ‘meditation’. Your classes embrace all that I could hope for and go way beyond anything that I have found for many years. I feel blessed to have found you and will continue to attend your classes and workshops.



Yoga Classes and Workshops – Live Stream

Practice yoga with me from the comfort of your own home using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Classes are now online, live-streamed and interactive via Zoom. Take time out for yourself, continue your yoga journey or start it if you haven’t already. Yoga online gives you flexibility and convenience of access, from my home to your home or office.

Please get in touch if you are new to yoga, haven’t practised for a while or have any health concerns. You can email me at [email protected] or call  07929 564 265 before making your booking.

Once you have booked your place, you will receive a confirmation email that will include the Zoom class link. Continue your yoga journey online.

  • one live stream yoga class each week – where you can join me in real-time via Zoom.
  • access to a recorded class each week – more practice in your own time at your convenience.
  • on-demand and practise anytime –  via a private Facebook group using uploaded class recordings. This means you can continue your yoga practice when it suits you best.

Buy your live-stream yoga classes and pay monthly.


Yoga Nidra – The Art of Deep Rest – Online

Yoga Nidra, the Art of Deep Rest is a traditional and systematic yogic approach to achieving complete relaxation by releasing tension, stress and fatigue that may be held in the mind and body.

You will be guided throughout the stages of Yoga Nidra whilst lying in supported savasana (one of the most popular yoga asanas) in the warmth and comfort of your own room at home.

Yoga Nidra takes you to that wonderful place between sleep and being awake, where you feel completely relaxed and at ease in body and mind – a state of conscious and profound relaxation.

Anyone can practise Yoga Nidra and no previous experience is necessary.

You will be sent the Zoom link once your booking is made.

Date: Friday 26th January 2024
Time: 6 pm – 7 pm
Cost: £18

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Hatha Yoga – Online

This Hatha yoga class will typically include static asanas, pranayama, mudras and meditations to relax the mind and challenge the body. You will leave your class stronger, leaner, balanced and more relaxed. Open to all levels.

Book monthly and attend over consecutive weeks. Includes class recording.

Day: Wednesdays – Online
Time: 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm
Cost: £40  per month

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Hatha Yoga – In Person

Be inspired and get the yoga habit by learning the fundamentals of yoga in a supportive and friendly environment.  You do not need to be fit or flexible to start yoga. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, how old you are or whether you are male or female – yoga is for every ‘body’.

If you are completely new to yoga, curious about yoga and would like to try it, but perhaps feel a little intimidated to join an established class then Yoga for Beginners is the perfect place to kick-start your practice!

In this course, you will learn the essentials of yoga. We will cover the basic postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and relaxation as well as learn the origins of yoga and the therapeutic benefits of the practice. You will be taught through clear instruction and demonstration at a comfortable pace as I guide and support you to develop good technique, alignment and understanding, helping you build confidence in your practice. This course will help you to establish a strong and safe foundation from which you can confidently progress onto my other courses, workshops and retreats. These classes are also suitable for those who are out of practice and would like to revisit the fundamentals of yoga.

Book monthly and attend over consecutive weeks. Includes class recording.

Day: Wednesdays – In Person
Time: 10.00am – 11.00am
Cost: £44 per month
Location: Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon

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