Whether you are new to yoga or a dedicated yogi with regular practice, my yoga workshops give you an opportunity to invest time in discovering and developing your yoga practice through a variety of inspiring workshops and courses. Perhaps you would like to explore something new, develop specific areas of your practice or simply take time out for yourself, my courses and workshops are a great way of immersing yourself in yoga to deepen your practice.

There are a variety of workshops available that offer a gentle and intelligent approach to the practice of yoga using yoga asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), relaxation, meditation and mantra to help develop your understanding and practice of yoga and ultimately enhance your overall wellbeing. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, there is something to suit all levels of experience and ability and a variety of interests and themes to choose from.



Yoga and Massage: Self-Care for Spring Online

Join me for a yoga and massage workshop that’s all about self-care for spring

Spring has sprung. It’s time to cleanse, clear out and detoxify. Shake off the winter blues and welcome spring after the long winter of darkness.

This yoga and massage workshop will focus on raising our energy with a yoga practice that is invigorating, detoxifying, and uplifting, helping us feel more awake and alive as we come out of hibernation and embrace the new season. We will also learn simple and effective self-massage techniques to stimulate circulation and release toxins, freeing us from any winter sluggishness. Experience a morning session that will include breathing techniques to cleanse, asanas to detoxify and energise opening us up to the new season.

Included in this workshop is a detoxifying massage oil blend using fresh and citrusy essential oils. You will need to book early to ensure you receive your oil in good time for the session.

All abilities are welcome.

Day: TBC 2022
Time: 10.00 am-12.00 am
Location: Online
Cost: £ 30.00

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Therapeutic Yoga: Back Care Basics

This yoga workshop will focus on learning how to support back pain through the practise of specific yoga asanas (postures). If you find that you regularly suffer from back pain, neck stiffness and mobility problems, practising yoga can be very helpful in supporting your back care routine. We can reduce back and neck pain by increasing spinal flexibility, improving joint mobility, reducing stiffness and strengthening back muscles with regular yoga practice. Whether the back pain you are experiencing is from an injury, bad posture, stressful long hours working at a desk, Therapeutic Yoga for back care can help to address a whole spectrum of aches and pains, improve discomfort, aid recovery from injury, and increase vitality. Breathing and relaxation techniques are also taught to help improve breathing patterns, calm the mind and enhance health generally.

Day: TBC 2022
Time: 10.00 am-12.00 pm
Location: Lower Shaw Farm
Cost: £ 30.00

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The Art of Self Care: Yoga & Massage Ritual

This Art of Self-Care workshop promises to be a nourishing experience designed to bring awareness to your mind and body. Using the gentle and powerful ancient Ayurvedic practices of yoga and massage you will learn self-care techniques to enhance your wellbeing.

This workshop is designed to support you with gentle movement, massage and self-care tips. You will start with a gentle yoga asana and pranayama practice involving breath work to balance the heart chakra.

Next, you will learn simple and effective self-massage techniques that help to stimulate circulation, soothe muscle tension, reduce anxiety and stress – all helping to create a calm mind and body.

A massage oil blend using warming and uplifting essential oils in a base will be provided on the day of this workshop. The workshop also will include tea and some delicious homemade cake.

This is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate you. Why not gift this revitalising self-care ritual to a family or friend and share this blissful experience with them too?

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