Therapeutic Yoga: Back Care Basics

Therapeutic Yoga: Back Care Basics


This yoga workshop will focus on learning how to support back pain through the practise of specific yoga asanas (postures). If you find that you regularly suffer from back pain, neck stiffness and mobility problems, practising yoga can be very helpful in supporting your back care routine. We can reduce back and neck pain by increasing spinal flexibility, improving joint mobility, reducing stiffness and strengthening back muscles with regular yoga practice. Whether the back pain you are experiencing is from an injury, bad posture, stressful long hours working at a desk, Therapeutic Yoga for back care can help to address a whole spectrum of aches and pains, improve discomfort, aid recovery from injury, and increase vitality. Breathing and relaxation techniques are also taught to help improve breathing patterns, calm the mind and enhance health generally.

Day: TBC 2022
Time: 10.00 am-12.00 pm
Location: Lower Shaw Farm
Cost: £ 30.00



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