The Art of Self Care: Yoga & Massage Ritual – In Person

The Art of Self Care: Yoga & Massage Ritual – In Person


This Art of Self-Care workshop promises to be a nourishing experience designed to bring awareness to your mind and body. Using the gentle and powerful ancient Ayurvedic practices of yoga and massage you will learn self-care techniques to enhance your wellbeing.

This workshop is designed to support you with gentle movement, massage and self-care tips. You will start with a gentle yoga asana and pranayama practice involving breath work to balance the heart chakra.

Next, you will learn simple and effective self-massage techniques that help to stimulate circulation, soothe muscle tension, reduce anxiety and stress – all helping to create a calm mind and body.

A massage oil blend using warming and uplifting essential oils in a base will be provided on the day of this workshop. The workshop also will include tea and some delicious homemade cake.

This is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate you. Why not gift this revitalising self-care ritual to a family or friend and share this blissful experience with them too?



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