Self Care Day Retreat: Women’s Wellbeing

Self Care Day Retreat: Women’s Wellbeing


This Self-Care Day retreat promises to be a nourishing experience designed to give you techniques to practice at home. All techniques on this retreat are about self-care and thus the focus will be on Anahata chakra or the Heart Chakra, the Chakra which governs love. Love of the self and of those around us. We will learn some gentle and powerful practices of self-massage, yoga asana, pranayama and meditation for self-care, self-support, and self-love!

You will be supported with gentle yoga, relaxing pranayama, self-massage, and self-care tips. You will learn simple and effective self-massage techniques that help to stimulate circulation, soothe muscle tension, and reduce anxiety and stress – all helping to create a calm mind and body.

By bringing awareness to your mind and body you can adopt these techniques to support and enhance your wellbeing. 

A massage oil blend using warming and uplifting essential oils in a base will be provided on the day. If you prefer to have an unscented base oil without essential oils, please let me know when booking your place.

The retreat day will also include a healthy and nutritious vegetarian lunch followed by tea and some delicious homemade cake in the afternoon.

This is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate you and take care of you! Why not gift this revitalising self-care ritual to a family member or friend and share this blissful experience with them too?

Day:  Saturday 6th April 2024
Time: 10.30 am-4.30 pm
Location: The Henge Shop, Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire
Cost: £ 95.00



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