Natual Lift Face Massage

Natual Lift Face Massage


Natural Lift Facial Massage is a unique massage treatment that incorporates a blend of highly effective techniques from Indian Face Massage, Japanese Face Massage, and acupressure for the face. Also known as facial rejuvenation massage or natural facelift massage it is a deeply relaxing, holistic treatment that focuses on the face, head, neck, and shoulders.
The gentle, traditional techniques are applied using flat palms, pads of fingers and thumbs to deep and superficial muscles. This helps increase blood and lymph circulation and releases muscular tension stored in the face, scalp, head, and neck. The result is that facial muscles relax, puffiness is reduced, and signs of fatigue are erased. The treatment softens lines and facial expressions, encourages vitality in the skin, restores brightness to the eyes. and gives a more glowing and youthful look.

The sequence of massage techniques used in this treatment act as a natural facelift. The overall effect of Natural Lift Facial massage has been described as a workout for the face. Just like exercising the body on a regular basis to keep the muscles of the body toned; regular Natural Lift massage will keep the facial muscles toned.

A Natural Lift Facial Massage is non-invasive, safe and does not use any harsh chemicals to improve the appearance of the skin – a facelift without surgery!

  • 60 mins £50
  • 6 sessions £280


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