Meet Raziya

I am a professionally qualified Yoga, Meditation and Massage Practitioner and trainer, with extensive experience in Yoga, Remedial and Therapeutic Massage. I am passionate about the integral relationship between wellbeing and personal development. I deeply believe that facilitating a body-mind balance promotes optimum physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, allows clients to feel more connected and in tune with their unique potential, restores vitality and generates creative strategies and solutions to life’s challenges.

Committed to the ethos of Learning for Life for both personal and professional development, my ultimate aim is to enable individuals to reach their full potential. I run workshops, seminars and individual sessions that are tailored to serve the needs of my clients and students and provide a supportive and inspirational environment in which to learn and grow.

Currently, I live in Swindon, United Kingdom where I work as a Yoga and Meditation teacher, Massage Practitioner and teach workshops and seminars in yoga, meditation and massage. I also offer high-quality Advanced and CPD training courses.

I am available for corporate training events, to give talks and demonstrations and teach workshops and seminars both in the UK and internationally.

Raziya is a wonderful and very knowledgeable yoga teacher. I’ve attended two of her retreats, one in France, the other very recently here in the UK and both were fantastic. She made sure social distancing and Covid guidance were adhered to, which made us all feel relaxed and secure. The food was tasty and nutritious. The main reason for recommending is Raziya herself, she has a very warm, patient manner, and always makes me feel like I’m learning from the best, in safe hands. She talks you through each asana very clearly and is mindful that people vary in their abilities, so provides modifications for those that need it. Her regular clients and yogis are testament to her absolute commitment and love for yoga. Highly recommend you try yoga with Raziya!


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