Meet Raziya

Raziya is a professionally qualified, experienced yoga teacher and massage practitioner. Wellness is central to everything she does. Raziya specialises in authentic Indian yoga, therapeutic massage, and Wellness coaching. She’s been developing her expertise over the past 22 years. Raziya is passionate about showing us how we can support our well-being through these practices. Teaching authentic, traditional yoga which honours the roots of this ancient Indian holistic system, Raziya believes when we practise yoga its many teachings can help us to find more balanced ways of living.

Her teaching style is warm, friendly, relaxed and supportive. Raziya teaches yoga in a gentle and intelligent way, encouraging the art of mindful practice, awareness of the body and mind, and developing strength, stamina, and flexibility, all whilst creating an inner stillness and outer calm. Raziya’s ultimate aim is to enable individuals to reach their wellness goals by providing a supportive and inspirational environment in which to learn and grow.

She believes deeply that facilitating a body-mind balance promotes optimum physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, allowing clients to feel more connected and in tune with their unique potential, restoring vitality and generating creative strategies and solutions to life’s challenges.

Raziya is available for corporate training events, to give talks and demonstrations and teach workshops and seminars both in the UK and internationally.


Raziya is a wonderful and very knowledgeable yoga teacher. I’ve attended two of her retreats, one in France, the other very recently here in the UK and both were fantastic. She made sure social distancing and Covid guidance were adhered to, which made us all feel relaxed and secure. The food was tasty and nutritious. The main reason for recommending is Raziya herself, she has a very warm, patient manner, and always makes me feel like I’m learning from the best, in safe hands. She talks you through each asana very clearly and is mindful that people vary in their abilities, so provides modifications for those that need it. Her regular clients and yogis are testament to her absolute commitment and love for yoga. Highly recommend you try yoga with Raziya!


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